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LaTocha Scott (Member: 1993-2005)
Tamika Scott (Member: 1993-2005)
Kandi Burruss (Member: 1993-1998) (Born May 17, 1976 in Atlanta, GA)
Tameka "Tiny" Cottle (Member: 1993-2005) (Born July 14, 1975 in Atlanta, GA)
Kiesha Miles (Member: 2005)

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Xscape - Hummin' Comin' At 'Cha
Xscape - Off The Hook
Xscape - Traces Of My Lipstick
Xscape - Understanding
Kandi - Hey Kandi
Kandi - Kandi Koated
LaTocha Scott - Solo Flight 404

Xscape - The Arms Of The One Who Loves You (Single)

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Bio From AllMusic.Com
The female R&B quartet Xscape debuted singing at producer Jermaine Dupri's birthday party in 1991, and were the recipients of a platinum album just two years later. The quartet was formed around sisters LaTocha and Tamika Scott, who had grown up in the church their father, Rev. Randolf Scott, performed in the R&B group the Scott Three during the early '70s. Rev. Scott began training the girls at an early age, and they eventually made the jump from the church to working talent shows around the area. While attending Tri-City High School in the Atlanta suburb of College Park, the sisters met Kandi Burruss and Tameka "Tiny" Cottle, forming Xscape in 1990.

After the group appeared at Dupri's birthday party, he signed them to his So So Def record label and recorded their debut album, Hummin Comin At 'Cha. The LP broke into the Top 20 thanks to the number two hit "Just Kickin' It," and later hit platinum. The second Xscape effort (Off The Hook also made platinum, though the group smoothed out their sound for their third album, Traces Of My Lipstick. Besides singing with the group, Tamika Scott is also an ordained minister, and has recorded a solo gospel album. John Bush

Kandi's Bio From AllMusic.Com
Vocalist and songwriter Kandi Burruss first caught the public's attention when she was only 15 years old. Her first major appearance was the Teen Summit Showcase on BET. What might have been a highlight for some artists proved to be little more than a stepping stone for this young singer. In 1990 Kandi became one of the sensual foursome known as Xscape. Other members were Tameka "Tiny" Cottle and sisters LaTocha and Tamika Scott. During the time Kandi was with Xscape, the group earned a number of gold and platinum records and in 1996 walked away with Album of the Year from the Soul Train Music Awards.

Kandi wrote a couple of the group's first big hits, like "Feel So Good" and "Can't Hang." When she took her writing and singing career solo, she continued to please fans and surprise others. One of her first successes outside the group was the hit number, "No Scrubs," that she co-wrote for the hot female team TLC. Kandi's next effort, "Bills, Bills, Bills," written for Destiny's Child, did nearly as well, landing on the Billboard charts. In 2000, Kandi won the Rhythm & Soul Music Award for Songwriter of the Year from the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. That was a big enough deal for any artists, but what topped it off was that she was the very first female to ever win this award. Kandi has written for a number of other artists, including Mariah Carey on "X-Girlfriend" and Boyz II Men on "Good Guy." Kandi has also worked, as a singer or songwriter, with N'SYNC, Da Brat, N-Toon, Sole, and MC Lyte. She even added her talents to the soundtrack for the movie Big Momma's House. In 2000 Kandi's solo full-length debut album for Columbia Records, Hey Kandi, hit the stores. Charlotte Dillon

Official Sites: Xscape (Sony), Xscape, Kandi, Kandi's MySpace, LaTocha Scott's MySpace, Tamika Scott's MySpace, Tameka "Tiny" Cottle's MySpace & Kiesha Miles' MySpace

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