Too Gangsta For Radio
Too Gangsta For Radio

1. Intro
2. Friends - 2Pac
3. Gangsta Rap - Crooked I, Treach & Scarface
4. I Ain't Fuckin' Wit' Cha - CJ Mac
5. Everywhere We Go - Above The Law
6. Fuck Hollywood - Tha Realest
7. Murda For Life - Ja Rule
8. In Too Deep - The LOX
9. Fuck Dre - Tha Realest, Swoop G, Twist & Lil' C-Style
10. Thug Nature - 2Pac
11. Death Rizzo - Crooked I
12. Projects - Swoop G, Keita Rock & Juice
13. Gangsta'd Out - K-9
14. Give It Up For Compton - Dre'sta
15. Real Type Gangsta - Mac Shawn
16. The Coff - G.P.
17. This Is The Thanks You Get - The Relativez ft Nuttz
18. Too Gangsta - Dre'sta ft Young Hoggs & Val Young
19. Outro

Released: October 3, 2000

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Comments: Remember when Death Row was the biggest & best record company in the business? Fast forward that to "Too Gangsta For Radio", what tha fuck happened? Death Row became haters. The whole album is one big dis record dissing everybody who made Death Row the power house it once was. The only thing that saves this album is the one person who had nothing to do with the making of this album, 2Pac. If it weren't for him this album would be a complete waste. I never thought I'd say this, but I have to agree with Snoop "Death Row is Bitches." The good songs are 2, 3, 10, 11, 14 & 18. - D

Review: Suge Knight releases a great compilation with some of the new and big names (Crooked I, Relativez, etc.) on the west as well as some O.G.s too (2Pac, Above the Law, Dresta, CJ Mac, etc.) and a few big names from the south and east (Scarface, Tha Realest, LOX, Ja Rule, Treach). Although it sold horribly, it is a great album and has some great production. As on all Tha Row's albums, they aren't hesitant to dis people either and they have their fair share of disses on here as well as letters on the inside from Snoop & Daz getting on them 2. Highly recommended for West Coast Gangsta Rap fans.

#2 - 8 (2Pac - also remixed and put on "Better Dayz")
#3 - 10 (classic remake of Dogg Pound's song by the same name - Crooked I, Scarface, Treach - GREAT beat)
#4 - 9 (CJ Mac - disses Dre, Hittman, Eminem)
#5 - 10 (classic by Above The Law {Cold 187 um & K.M.G.} - great relaxed funky beat)
#6 - 8 (Tha Realest - gets on Will Smith, Eric Benét, Janet Jackson, Halle Berry, and a few others in Hollywood)
#7 - 8 (Ja Rule, Cadillac Tah, Black Child, 0-1, Vita - remake of Dogg Pound's "Dogg Pound 4 Life")
#8 - 8.5 (LOX: Jadakiss, Styles, Sheek)
#9 - 8.5 (Tha Realest, Swoop G, Lil' C-Style, Twist - disses Dre, Eminem, Alize, and a few others)
#10 - 7.5 (2Pac - remixed and put on "Better Dayz" as well)
#11 - 9 (Crooked I)
#12 - 9 (Swoop G, Keita Rock, Juice)
#13 - 8.5 (K-9 - dis to Eminem on the Intro)
#14 - 10 (classic track w/ a GREAT beat by Dresta)
#15 - 9 (Mac Shawn - disses Snoop on intro)
#16 - 6.5 (G.P. - only real skippable song on here - it's still ok)
#17 - 9 (Relativez {Big Wy & Suga Buga} , Nuttz - disses Daz on intro)
#18 - 8.5 (Dresta & Young Hoggz)

check all my reviews - Z-Wad A.K.A. G$ (November 11, 2004)

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