Sporty Thievz

King Kirk (A.K.A. Thieven Stealberg)
Big Dubez (A.K.A. Safecracker)
Marlon Brando (A.K.A. Robin Hood) (Died May 11, 2001 at age 22 (hit by a car))

Sporty Thievz - Street Cinema

Sporty Thievz - No Pigeons (Single)

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The Best Man
Best Of Rap City
Common - Uncommon Classics
DJ Skribble's Traffic Jams 2000

Bio From AllMusic.Com
The hip-hop trio Sporty Thievz comprised former Wrecking Crew members King Kirk (a.k.a. Thieven Stealberg) and Big Dubez (a.k.a. Safecracker) in collaboration with Marlon Brando (a.k.a. Robin Hood); signing to the Ruffhouse label, the group debuted in 1998 with Street Cinema. - Jason Ankeny

Sporty Thievz

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