Snoop Dogg - Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Bo$$
Snoop Dogg - Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Bo$$ (Pre-Release)

1. Whatever (ft Johnny Chronic)
2. Time Goes On (ft Kokane)
3. Doe Doe (ft Soopafly & E-White)
4. That's The Shit (ft Jazze Pha)
5. Suited And Booted
6. Can't Control These Hoes
7. Ballin' (ft The Dramatics)
8. From Long Beach 2 Brick City (Original) (ft Redman & Nate Dogg)
9. We Gonna Handle It (ft Kokane)
10. Like Doing It, Too (ft Soopafly)
11. Get The Fuck Out (ft Lil' Jon & Fiend)
12. It's The D.O.G. (ft Daddy V)
13. Reunion (ft Bad Azz, Soopafly, Warren G & Daz Dillinger)
14. By My Side
15. God Bless (ft E-White, Soopafly & Kokane)
16. From The Chuuuch To Da Palace (ft Pharrell)
17. Pimp Slapp'd

Released: Unreleased (2002). See Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Bo$$

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