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Penthouse Players Clique Members
Playa Hamm
Tweed Cadillac

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Playa Hamm - Layin' Hands
Penthouse Players Clique - Paid The Cost

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Penthouse Players Clique's Bio From AllMusic.Com
Signed to Ruthless Records and produced by DJ Quik and Eazy E, the Penthouse Players Clique began promisingly enough. Comprised of Playa Hamm and Tweed Cadillac, the short-lived West Coast gangsta duo debuted in 1992 with a full-length album (Paid the Cost), a pair of singles ("Explanation of a Playa" and "P.S. Phuk U 2"), and an appearance on the Trespass soundtrack ("I'm a Playa"). That was it, though. Years later, Cadillac resurfaced with the Mackadelics on Exposed to the Game (1996) while Hamm embarked on a solo career, beginning with Layin' Hands (2001). - Jason Birchmeier

Official Sites: Penthouse Players Clique's MySpace, Playa Hamm's MySpace, Tweed Cadillac, Tweed Cadillac's MySpace, Tweed Cadillac's Facebook & Tweed Cadillac's YouTube

Tweed Cadillac, Playa Hamm & DJ Quik
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