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Government Name
Sean Cole (Born in Oakland, CA)

See Also: Keyshia Cole, Destro & Slowe Burna & Outlawz


Nutt-So - The Betrayal
Nutt-So - The Movie
Nutt-So & Hussein Fatal - Outkasted Outlawz

Nutt-So - Bad Santa EP
Nutt-So - New Years EP
Nutt-So - Nutty's Play-Mix
Nutt-So - Nutty's Play-Mix Vol. 2

Also Featured On...
BLACKJACK - Addicted To Drama
DJ Age Presents Death Row Unreleased And Unleashed
David Blake - The Death Row Sessions EP
Destro & Slowe Burna - True 2 It
Destro & Slowe Burna - Rap Music
Jersey Mob Mix Tape Vol. 1
MC Hammer - 2Tight
Merry Fucking Christmas 4: It's All About Poo (Thug Radio Mixtape)
Outlawz - Worldwide (DVD)
Outlawz - Retribution
Outlawz - We Want In: The Street L.P.
Paris - Unleashed
2Pac - Until The End Of Time
2Pac - Better Dayz
2Pac - The O.G. Project
2Pac - 2Pac 4 Ever
2Pac - Pac's Life
2Pac - Rare & Unreleased
2Pac - The Way He Wanted Vol. 3
Young Noble - Noble Justice
Young Noble - Outlaw Rydahz Vol. 1

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