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New Edition:
Ricky Bell (A.K.A. Slick) (Born Ricardo Bell, September 18, 1967, Roxbury, Boston, MA)
Michael Bivins (A.K.A. Biv) (Born Michael Lamont Bivins, August 10, 1968 in Boston, MA)
Ronnie DeVoe (Born Ronald Boyd DeVoe, Jr., November 17, 1967 in Roxbury, MA)
Johnny Gill (Joined in 1987) (Born May 22, 1966 in Washington, D.C.)
Ralph Tresvant (Born Ralph Edward Tresvant Jr., May 16, 1968 in Roxbury, Boston, MA)
Bobby Brown (Sometimes) (Born Robert Barisford Brown, February 5, 1969 in Boston, MA)

Bell Biv DeVoe:
Ricky Bell (A.K.A. Slick) (Born Ricardo Bell, September 18, 1967, Roxbury, Boston, MA)
Michael Bivins (A.K.A. Biv) (Born Michael Lamont Bivins, August 10, 1968 in Boston, MA)
Ronnie DeVoe (Born Ronald Boyd DeVoe, Jr., November 17, 1967 in Roxbury, MA)

Heads Of State:
Johnny Gill (Born May 22, 1966 in Washington, D.C.)
Ralph Tresvant (Born Ralph Edward Tresvant Jr., May 16, 1968 in Roxbury, Boston, MA)
Bobby Brown (Born Robert Barisford Brown, February 5, 1969 in Boston, MA)

Members' Other Groups
Gerald Levert (Born July 13, 1966 in Cleveland, OH - Died November 10, 2006 in Cleveland, OH (Overdose))
Keith Sweat (Born July 22, 1961 in Harlem, New York, NY)
Johnny Gill (Born May 22, 1966 in Washington, D.C.)

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Bio From AllMusic.Com
New Edition's early, Jackson 5-inspired material made them the forerunners of two generations of teen pop (most of which was geared to white audiences). As they matured and progressed, they laid much of the groundwork for the fusion of hip-hop and R&B known as new jack swing. In fact, after New Edition drifted apart, all of its members had at least some significant success outside the group as part of the new jack movement, which helped ensure that their original incarnation would be remembered for much more than the bubblegum urban soul that made their name.

New Edition was formed in the Roxbury section of Boston, MA, by Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, and Bobby Brown, who began singing together in 1978 while still in elementary school, hoping to perform for pocket cash. They eventually recruited friend Ralph Tresvant as a fourth member, and after winning a talent show in 1980, also added Ronnie DeVoe. More talent show victories followed, including a prestigious gig at the local Strand Theater, where they performed the Jackson 5's "The Love You Save." They were discovered by writer/producer/impresario Maurice Starr, who signed the group to his small Streetwise label in hopes of launching a Jackson 5 phenomenon for the '80s. "Candy Girl," a song Starr co-wrote for the group, was released as their first single in 1983, when the members ranged in age from 13 to 15. Despite a lack of major-label interest in the group, "Candy Girl" was a smash, topping the R&B charts. Their debut album, also titled Candy Girl, spawned two more R&B hits in "Popcorn Love" and "Is This the End?," and MCA offered the group a deal. Starr, however, wanted the group to remain with Streetwise; New Edition summarily fired him as their manager and signed with MCA. Starr attempted to sue the group for their name, unsuccessfully claiming that "New Edition" actually referred to a whole new style of pop music he'd created. Starr, of course, would go on to strike it rich with a similar concept, assembling a quintet of white teenagers he dubbed New Kids on the Block.

New Edition, meanwhile, released their eponymous MCA debut in 1984 and scored their biggest pop hit with the Top Five smash "Cool It Now," which ended with a short rap section. The Ray Parker, Jr.-penned "Mr. Telephone Man" soon became their third R&B chart-topper, and the group had reached full-fledged teen idol status. Yet they were growing up fast, as demonstrated on their next album, 1985's All for Love. Not only were their voices changing, but their material was becoming more adult, with harder-edged funk and more mature romantic ballads. Later that year, they also released a holiday album, Christmas All Over the World, and struck an endorsement deal with Coke. However, rumors of Brown's growing dissatisfaction proved true and he left for a solo career in 1986. Temporarily down to a quartet, the rest of the group recorded the covers album Under The Blue Moon, a set of vintage doo wop and R&B numbers from the '50s and '60s; it produced a hit revival of the Penguins' "Earth Angel."

Brown's replacement came in the form of Johnny Gill, a deep-voiced friend of the group who'd been recording as a solo artist without much luck. Gill made his debut on the 1989 album Heart Break, which found New Edition working with star producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. The move paid immediate dividends, as they scored several R&B hits from the album, including the number one "Can You Stand the Rain." Meanwhile, Brown had become a superstar with his second album, the new jack swing landmark Don't Be Cruel. Feeling vindicated by Heart Break, New Edition split up to work on other projects. Gill returned to his solo career, with considerably more success this time around, and Tresvant also went solo. The remainder of the group teamed as Bell Biv DeVoe and wound up having greater success than anyone save Brown; their debut album, Poison, was another new jack style-setter and Bivins' interest in developing new talent gave Boyz II Men their big break.

By the mid-'90s, new jack swing was giving way to new fusions of hip-hop and soul that were alternately more organic or aggressive. Although their status as innovators was secure, many of the New Edition splinter acts had a hard time keeping up and maintaining their career momentum. Thus, given their individually positive reputations, it made sense for the group to announce its triumphant reunion, with all six members participating in what was essentially an R&B supergroup. The public loved the idea; when the comeback album Home Again was finally released in 1996, it debuted at number one, and the first single, "Hit Me Off," was a smash, hitting number one on the R&B charts. The follow-up, "I'm Still in Love With You," was another big hit, and the group embarked on a blockbuster tour that, while popular, found relationships between some of the members fraying. After the tour, New Edition returned to their various prior projects, with the prospect of any future reunions looking dim. Those prospects increased significantly when it was learned that P. Diddy had signed the group to his Bad Boy label for the release of another comeback, 2004's One Love. - Steve Huey

Bobby Brown's Bio From AllMusic.Com
One of the brightest R&B stars of the late '80s and early '90s, Bobby Brown was the man who popularized new jack swing, a blend of classic soul, urban synth-funk, and hip-hop rhythms that often featured rap breaks in between the conventionally melodic verses and choruses. Guy's Teddy Riley may have been new jack's greatest innovator, but Brown was its greatest hitmaker, crossing over to pop audiences with his blockbuster Don't Be Cruel album and thus making new jack swing the dominant trend in R&B through the early '90s (which, in turn, helped kick start the solo careers of his former bandmates in New Edition). As R&B tastes changed, Brown became better known for his private life than his music; a sometimes rocky marriage to Whitney Houston and a series of run-ins with the law kept him in the tabloid headlines for most of the '90s, even though he wasn't actually recording much music.

Brown was born February 5, 1969, in Boston, and began singing with Roxbury schoolmates Michael Bivins and Ricky Bell in 1978. The group developed into New Edition and, after a few talent show wins, was discovered by producer Maurice Starr. Starr signed the group to his label and co-authored its debut hit, "Candy Girl," which helped get New Edition a deal with MCA. After a few years of teen stardom, Brown longed to move on to an adult solo career, and left New Edition in 1986. He released his debut solo album, King Of Stage, in 1987, and while it didn't make a name for Brown as a pop star, it did spawn a major R&B hit in the ballad "Girlfriend." Overall, though King Of Stage gave little indication that Brown was about to become a breakout star on the cutting edge of modern R&B.

For his follow-up, Brown sought a more distinctive musical identity in the budding new jack swing movement. He enlisted the emerging production/songwriting team of L.A. Reid and Babyface to handle the majority of the record, with new jack pioneer Teddy Riley coming onboard in a limited capacity as well. The result, Don't Be Cruel, was a state-of-the-art, star-making affair. Released in the summer of 1988, the record produced Brown's first pop Top Ten hit in the title track, but really started to take off when the driving statement of purpose "My Prerogative" went all the way to number one toward the end of the year (and managed to work the word "prerogative" into a catchy hook). From there, Don't Be Cruel just kept spinning off hits: the ballad "Roni," the dance tune "Every Little Step" (which showed off Brown's rapping skills), and another ballad "Rock Wit'cha" all hit the Top Ten in 1989, with the former two both making it all the way to number three. Don't Be Cruel topped the album charts and sold a whopping seven million copies, making Brown a superstar. In 1990, he was tapped to provide the theme song for Ghostbusters II and responded with the number two smash "On Our Own," another rap/R&B mixture; he also contributed a rap to friend Glenn Medeiros' number one pop hit "She Ain't Worth It." Brown was so popular at this point that even his 1990 remix album Dance!...Ya Know It! went platinum.

And then, somehow, the momentum began to slow. Countless other artists expanded on the new jack swing blueprint, with many of Brown's former New Edition colleagues at the forefront: Bell Biv Devoe, Johnny Gill, Ralph Tresvant. Moreover, Don't Be Cruel made L.A. Reid and Babyface into hot commodities, and their sound was all over the airwaves. Just before his new album, Bobby, was released in the summer of 1992, Brown married superstar diva Whitney Houston, who sang the duet "Something in Common" on the new record. Bobby's lead single, "Humpin' Around," was a smash on both the pop and R&B charts, reaching the Top Five on the former. However, Bobby didn't sustain the momentum of Don't Be Cruel; perhaps it didn't stand out from the pack the way Don't Be Cruel had in 1988, or perhaps white audiences were too preoccupied with grunge. Whatever the reason, sales of Bobby topped out at around two million copies, despite several more R&B hits in "Good Enough," "Get Away," and "That's the Way Love Is." In 1993, Georgia police arrested Brown for an overly suggestive stage performance, an incident that would prove to be the first of many legal difficulties for Brown over the next few years.

In 1995, Brown was arrested after a brawl in a Disney World nightclub, in which a patron who allegedly made a pass at a woman in Brown's party had his ear at least partially torn off. (Charges were later dropped when Brown settled out of court.) Several months later, Brown was charged with battery in Los Angeles after allegedly kicking a hotel security guard who tried to halt a party in Brown's room (he was sentenced to two years' probation). The same year, Brown checked himself into the Betty Ford Clinic to battle drug and alcohol problems. However, in August 1996, he wrecked Houston's leased Porsche while speeding in Florida; reportedly, his blood-alcohol level was twice the legal limit. In the midst of all this chaos, Brown found time to record with the fully reunited New Edition, whose comeback album, Home Again, entered the charts at number one that fall. Brown toured with the group, but departed for good when the tour was over. Meanwhile, the tabloids were having a field day over Brown and Houston's rumored marital problems; in 1997, Brown was accused of spousal abuse when Houston suffered a cut on her cheek during a yachting trip, although both Brown and Houston denied the reports.

Also in 1997, Brown released his fourth solo album, Forever, a commercial disappointment which failed to even break the Top 50. In the summer of 1998, Brown was arrested for sexual battery stemming from an alleged incident in the Beverly Hills Hotel, although no charges were filed for lack of evidence. He served five days in a Florida jail stemming from his drunk-driving incident, and after spending time in rehab, he was arrested again for allegedly having shown up at the jail drunk. Brown reportedly violated his probation by testing positive for cocaine several times; while those charges were dropped, he was sentenced to 75 days in jail for refusing to take another drug test in the summer of 2000. Upon his release, Brown began working in earnest on a new album, which was derailed for a time when he suffered a seizure in the summer of 2001, reportedly from heat exhaustion and dehydration. It wasn't until 2002 that he really came back into the media spotlight; following a duet with Ja Rule he was captured by the police for marijuana possession and driving without a license after a routine stop for speeding. - Steve Huey

Ralph Tresvant's Bio From AllMusic.Com
Ralph Tresvant sang lead on New Edition's hits and had his own gold number one R&B hit with the silky "Sensitivity." He was the last member to release a solo project of his own. All of the group's previous members had number one R&B hits: Bobby Brown with "Girlfriend " and Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, and Ronald DeVoe as Bell Biv DeVoe (aka BBD) with "Poison." Besides this, Tresvant had New Edition's formidable chart success to contend with: four number one R&B singles, "Candy Girl" (gold), "Cool It Now," "Mr. Telephone Man," and "Can You Stand the Rain." Could Ralph Tresvant have hits after New Edition as a solo artist? But then again having Tresvant's record come out after his previous bandmates could be an advantage because he could gauge what his music should be like based on the response of the fans.

Born May 15, 1968, to Patricia Ann Tresvant and Ralph Tresvant Sr., Ralph Tresvant grew in the Roxbury section of Boston. He joined Bobby Brown, Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, and Ronald DeVoe in a group formed by producer/songwriter Maurice Starr. Starr's concept was to form a group that was basically a "new edition" of the Jackson 5. Paradoxically, Motown founder Berry Gordy wanted to mold the Jackson 5 into a "new edition" of Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers. Signed to StreetWise Records, the group scored with "Candy Girl." The hits continued with "Is This the End" (number eight R&B), "Lost in Love" (number six R&B), "Count Me Out" (number two R&B for two weeks), "Earth Angel" from the movie Karate Kid Part 2 (number three R&B), "Once in a Lifetime Groove" from the Gregory Hines/Billy Crystal movie Running Scared (number ten R&B), "Tears on My Pillow" with Little Anthony of Little Anthony and the Imperials, "If It Isn't Love" (number two R&B, number seven pop), "You're Not My Kind of Girl" (number three R&B), and "Crucial" (number four R&B).

Signing to MCA Records as a solo artist, Tresvant expressed his apprehension about becoming a solo artist and trying to match his previous successes in various interviews. Producers/songwriters Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis felt confident in Tresvant's abilities having work with him on the group's double-platinum LP Heart Break. They had him sing the lead and background vocals on the song they had written for him, "Sensitivity." "Sensitivity" sold over a million copies, going to number one R&B and number four pop on Billboard's charts in fall 1990. His solo debut, Ralph Tresvant, was released November 27, 1990, and went platinum, parking at number one R&B for two weeks. The LP also yielded the charting hits "Stone Cold Gentleman," "Do What I Gotta Do," and "Rated X." For Jam & Lewis' Perspective Records, Tresvant sang on the 1992 hit "The Best Things in Life Are Free" issued as "Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson with BBD and Ralph Tresvant." That was followed by his own hit single, "Money Can't Buy You Love," from the Damon and Marlon Wayans movie Mo' Money. The singer appeared in the movie House Party 2. Tresvant was on the 1996 New Edition reunion album, Home Again and there was a 1998 MCA Special Products CD It's Going Down. — Ed Hogan

Johnny Gill's Bio From AllMusic.Com
Johnny Gill (born May 22, 1966 in Washington, D.C.) is an R&B singer best known for his romantic ballads and as a member of New Edition. His signature song "My, My, My" has been included on numerous romantic compilations and, according to BMI records, has the distinction of never being covered by another artist (BMI Work #1039724).

Gill, the stepson of a minister, started singing at age five in a family gospel group called "Wings of Faith," which included his brothers Bobby, Jeff, and Randy Gill (himself a solo recording artist and member of the group II D Extreme). His recording career began in 1983 when his childhood friend, singer Stacy Lattisaw, convinced him to record a demo. This demo fell into the hands of the president of Atlantic Records, and his self-titled debut album was released shortly thereafter. Gill then teamed up with Stacy for a duet album, which featured their first hit together, "Perfect Combination. " A second album on Atlantic Records, Chemistry, yielded the song "Half Crazy," which is still a fan favorite.

Gill began a new chapter in his career in 1987, when he replaced Bobby Brown in New Edition, a 1980s pop group. With Gill as one of the lead singers, the group developed a more mature, adult sound, hitting the charts with songs such as "Can You Stand The Rain," "N.E. Heartbreak," and the Gill-led "Boys To Men."

Continuing his role as a romantic balladeer while emerging as a New Jack Swing star, he released a second self-titled album in 1990 which included the hits "My, My, My," "Rub You the Right Way," "Fairweather Friend" and "Wrap My Body Tight". On this album, Gill played guitar, bass, bongos, and drums in addition to performing lead and background vocals.

In 1993, Gill released another solo project, Provocative, which included the songs "Quiet Time to Play," "A Cute, Sweet, Love Addiction," and a moving gospel, "I Know Where I Stand." In 1996, Gill was reunited with New Edition, including Brown, as they recorded Home Again, an album noted for the singles "Hit Me Off" and "Still In Love". The title song, "Home Again," although not released as a single is one of the most impressive vocal performances recorded by the group to date.

In 1996, Gill also released Let's Get The Mood Right, which included the title song, "Love In an Elevator," and "Maybe" which, although not released as a single, is considered by many to be one of his greatest vocal performances ever. The following year, he collaborated with Gerald Levert and Keith Sweat to form the supergroup LSG (Levert/Sweat/Gill) which resulted in the multi platinum debut album, Levert-Sweat-Gill, and a follow-up album in 2003 entitled LSG2.

Gill, the only member of New Edition who is not from Boston, was raised in Washington DC where he attended Kimball Elementary and Sousa Junior High. His career dictated that he complete his high school education through the services of a tutor. Gill had planned to attend college and pursue a degree in electrical engineering, but his career came first.

His latest recording, "You For Me (The Wedding Song)" from the Madea's Family Reunion soundtrack received strong reviews from music critics as well as the general public. As of 2007, in addition to finishing work on his upcoming solo CD, he is still performing with New Edition as well as solo performances. Gill is preparing to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of his first recording as a solo artist, as well as join his New Edition brothers in celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the group in 2008.

With over 80 television and film appearances as a singer and actor, Gill earned much acclaim for his cameo role on the hit TV show, Family Matters (TV series) and recently thrilled audiences singing "You For Me" in the movie "Madea's Family Reunion."

In October 2004 Rub You The Right Way appeared in popular videogame Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, playing on R&B, Soul radio station CSR 103.9.

Bell Biv DeVoe's Bio From AllMusic.Com
Bell Biv DeVoe was hatched in the minds of its members, New Edition's Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, and Ronnie DeVoe, upon the departure of lead singer Bobby Brown in 1986. But it wasn't until after New Edition completed its supporting tour for the album Heart Break in 1988 that the trio gave in to the urgings of Heart Break producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and decided to chart its own course. Bell Biv DeVoe enlisted a variety of producers for its debut album, including Jam and Lewis and Public Enemy producers Hank and Keith Shocklee. The results were quite unlike anything in New Edition's repertoire: The beats were funkier, the lyrics and vocals were sexier, and the overall sound had a harder, hip-hop-tinged edge. The album's title track, "Poison," became a number three smash, and it was followed by the equally successful "Do Me!" and the R&B hits "B.B.D. (I Thought it Was Me)," "When Will I See You Smile Again?," and "Dope!" The album itself went on to sell over three million copies and was followed by a remix album the next year. Meanwhile, Bivins took some time off to assemble the so-called East Coast Family, discovering and producing debut albums for Another Bad Creation and Boyz II Men. Hootie Mack, Bell Biv DeVoe's second proper album, was released in 1993 but didn't make as much of an impact. In 1996, all three members of Bell Biv DeVoe participated in a reunion of New Edition. — Steve Huey

Ronnie DeVoe's Bio From Wikipedia
Ronnie DeVoe, aka R.D., (born Ronald Boyd DeVoe, Jr. on November 17, 1967 in Roxbury, Massachusetts) is one of the members of the R&B sextet New Edition.

DeVoe was the last member to join the group after being brought in by his uncle (the group's choreographer) Brooke Payne. In 1982, the group took second place at a talent show. Their performance caught the eye of music impresario Maurice Starr who decided to manage the boys and signed them to his Streetwise record label.

DeVoe, and fellow New Edition members Michael Bivins, Bobby Brown, Ricky Bell and Ralph Tresvant, were the biggest teen group for the better half of the mid-1980s, almost achieving the success of their role models, The Jackson 5. In 1990, Devoe, along with Bivins and Bell, broke away from the group to form the hip-hop group Bell Biv DeVoe. His raps on songs like "Poison", "Do Me" and "I Thought It Was Me" helped make the songs big hits and their debut album sold more than 5 million copies. While the group went on to release two more albums, all three members rejoined New Edition for the album and reunion tour Home Again in 1996. On February 17, 1997, Ronnie was arrested in Louisville, Kentucky after he was found drinking in a hotel hallway, loitering, and eventually insulting and scuffling with officers who came to calm him down. He was charged with resisting arrest, assault on a police officer, alcohol intoxication, and inciting a riot.

DeVoe still performs and records with New Edition and Bell Biv DeVoe. He is an owner of a RE/MAX Real Estate agency in Atlanta, Georgia and he is currently married to Shamari Fears of the R&B group Blaque since March of 2006. Tristan Wilds & Lil Zane are rumored to play a teenage and early -mid twenties version of Devoe in the Untitled New Edition Biopic which is scheduled for release either this year or early 2009. Tristan Wilds would play Devoe from 1979 -1986 while Lil Zane would portray Devoe as an adult.

Ricky Bell's Bio From Wikipedia
Ricky Bell, nicknamed "Slick" (born Ricardo Bell, September 18, 1967, Roxbury, Boston, Massachusetts) is an American R&B singer best known as one of the founding members of New Edition and the lead singer of Bell Biv Devoe. He has been referred to as the music industry's "best kept secret." As a solo artist, his 2000 album entitled Ricardo Campaña received favorable reviews, but is not well known due to limited promotion.

The youngest of eleven children, Bell grew up in the Orchard Park projects. He began his career singing with close friend, Ralph Tresvant in a group called "Ricky and Ralph." Later, Bell, along with Michael Bivins, Bobby Brown, Ralph Tresvant, and Ronnie DeVoe became New Edition. The group began a career in 1983 that has spanned twenty five years. After the departure of Bobby Brown, Johnny Gill joined the group in the mid 1980s.

The "best kept secret" originally gained the respect of the industry when record producer Jimmy Jam had an idea for a spin-off group called Bell Biv DeVoe with Bell as the lead singer. BBD as the group is commonly known, was the first group to integrate the elements of Rap and R&B consistently, calling their style "Hip-Hop smoothed out on an R&B tip with a Pop feel appeal to it." BBD's 1990 debut established Bell as a lead singer capable of chart topping success.

Although Bell had primarily performed as a backup vocalist with New Edition, during the 1990s he emerged as one of the most utilized voices on singles released by the group. With the exception of the ensemble songs, "Hot2Nite" and "Hit Me Off," and the Brown-led "You Don't Have to Worry," Bell performed lead or co-lead on the remainder of the group's charting singles. "I'm Still in Love With You," which also featured Ralph Tresvant, was so successful that a Spanish language version was recorded, "Siempre Tu," and "One More Day" has the distinction of being the only New Edition song with a solo member appearing in the video.

Other recordings featuring Bell's vocals include Red Bandit's 1990 single "Please Don't Cry," backup vocals on "Pretty Little Girl" from Bobby Brown's 1992 album, and, with Ralph Tresvant, on LL Cool J's 1997 song "Candy."

With Bell Biv DeVoe and New Edition, Bell has over two dozen television and film performances including Knight Rider, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, New York Undercover, Family Matters, the movie Krush Groove, and numerous music, variety, and awards programs.

In 2004, in a double wedding with Tresvant, Bell married actress, Amy Correa.

Michael Bivins' Bio From Wikipedia
Michael Lamont Bivins, a.k.a. Biv, (born August 10, 1968 in Boston, Massachusetts) is the founder and member of the R&B group New Edition and the hip hop group Bell Biv DeVoe. Not only does he perform in both groups, but he also discovers, manages, and produces for other acts, most notably Another Bad Creation, MC Brains, Boyz II Men, and 702, all of whom were signed to his Motown distributed label Biv 10 Records. He serves as the music entrepreneur and A&R man of both of his own acts.

Bivins can also be credited as the person who gave Left Eye from TLC her name. He approached her back in 1991 and told her one of her eyes is more noticeable then the other, so he then began calling her Left Eye as a joke, but she retained the nickname to her death.

Bivins had a minor role in the film Friday After Next, and guest-starred as a DJ on the pseudo-radio station CSR 103.9 in the hit video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Most recently, he made an appearance in the basketball film Crossover as a character known as Heart Attack. He is also in charge of Artist Development for Making the Band 4.

Bivins most recently has been featured in TNT's basketball-related Overtime series, in which he interviews NBA players. In New Orleans on All Star Weekend 2008, he went 1-1 against Michael Jordan in billiards.

Bivins signed to GOOD Music/Geffen Records/Interscope Records to release an solo album which is set to be released in Summer 2008 titled "Michael Bivins: Never Done This Before from an upcoming 3-disc solo album by Bell Biv DeVoe. Ricky and Ronnie also signed to Geffen/Interscope, but Ricky's Production label is signed to So So Def and Ronnie's is Beluga Heights.

Heads Of State's Bio From Wikipedia
Heads Of State was formed at the end of 2008 by New Edition members Bobby Brown, Ralph Tresvant & Johnny Gill when the other three members Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, and Ronnie DeVoe decided to focus on their own group Bell Biv DeVoe. While waiting for other three to return to New Edition, they realized they would be waiting for a while, and formed Heads of State. They went on a tour in 2009 called the Summit Tour. Briefly reunited with "Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins & Ronnie DeVoe" as "New Edition" for the "BET Michael Jackson Memorial Concert" in Late Summer 2009. "Brown, Tresvant and Gill" are working on a new album, as "Heads of State," with producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis to be released in 2011.

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Video Universe - Buy Your Favorite DVDs and Videos

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CD Universe - Buy Hit Music

Video Universe - Buy Your Favorite DVDs and Videos

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CD Universe - Buy Hit Music

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