Kyle Rifkin - Hell Up In Harlem
Kyle Rifkin - Hell Up In Harlem

1. Intro - DJ King Assassin (WNYC)
2. What It Is
3. Hell Up In Harlem
4. Raise It Up (ft Rob Base)
5. Keep Talking (ft Reed Dollarz)
6. We Be Smoking (ft Reed Dollarz, Mac Mall & Havikk (of South Central Cartel))
7. Change The Game (ft Reed Dollarz & Assassin)
8. I Like It
9. Interlude - Gonzoe
10. Another Tyme (ft Mopreme Shakur)
11. When You Touch Me
12. Far Away From Home
13. What It Is (Rap Version) (ft Gonzoe)
14. Ghetto Reflections (ft Rob Base)
15. The Best Dayz (ft Reed Dollarz)
      Sucka 4 Luv (The Way He Wanted It Book 2 Version) (ft 2Pac)
      Get Money (The Way He Wanted It Version) (ft 2Pac)

Released: May 22, 2007

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