Ill Bill - Holy Diver
Ill Bill - Holy Diver

1. The Plague
2. X And Bill (ft Sadat X)
3. Howie Made Me Do It (ft Steven King, Cyn Roc & E-Dot)
4. The Four Horsemen (ft Circle Of Tyrants)
5. Project Prophecy (ft Hell Razah & Sabac Red)
6. Dark Knight (ft Q-Unique & Jise)
7. Heavy Metal Kings (ft Vinnie Paz)
8. Psalm Of Satan (ft Killah Priest & Sabac Red)
9. Goin' Out In A Blaze (ft Slaine & Jaysaun)
10. Remove The Gag (ft Verbal Kent & Wordsworth)
11. P.Y.P. (ft King Syze & Doap Nixon)
12. Muzzle The Nose (ft Steven King)
13. When The Lights Go Out (ft Sabac Red)
14. Order & Chaos (ft Diabolic)
15. Apocalypse Now (ft B Real, Sick Jacken & Eric Bobo)
16. Street Villains 2 (ft Q-Unique)

Released: October 12, 2010

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