~December 7, 2011: Mary Cris Mess~

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~December 7, 2011: Mary Cris Mess~

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~December 7, 2011: Mary Cris Mess~

Album Of The Week: This week's ThugRadio.Net Album Of The Week is by one of the West Coast preeminent lyricists. After two very strong albums legal troubles and label conflicts took a huge toll on his career. After a prison stint and release from his record contract he released a series of street albums and mixtapes, some of which are downloadable for free here, on ThugRadio.Net. He's currently trying to get his career back on track. Meanwhile This week's ThugRadio.Net Album Of The Week is Ras Kass, with his second album, Rasassination.

Amazon.ComImage Freebie Of The Week: This week's Amazon.ComImage Prime Members'Image free streaming video of the week is one for those who like deep dark trippy-ass classic movies. I haven't seen it for years, so I don't remember many details, but I recall liking it and being disturbed by it. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's NestImage.

Christmas: Once again it's Christmas time in the city and the country and small towns and other countries and even on Uranus. If you're like me and you're just not into it this year and you need a little Christmas spirit or three, I've gotcha. Maybe you lost your job and your home and your family. Maybe you got your AIDs test back and it's not what you hoped. Come on, you knew that bitch was scandalous. Maybe your fake Twitter account was exposed as fake. Maybe you let Charlie Brown pick out your Christmas Tree. Maybe you got your nipples pierced and you got an infection. Maybe you learned the hard way that you can get herpes from kissing. Maybe your girlfriend got a new dildo and only needs you to buy her things, again. Maybe you're a Jehovah's Witness. Maybe last year your grandmother got you skinny jeans. Whatever the reason for your bah humbugness this season I've got the remedy. Check out the Christmas/Hanukkah (Chanukah) (Mostly Christmas) section for some new holiday musical treats. As I'm sure you know by now, "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud(ly) for all to hear." Just ask Will Ferrell. If you're not sure about which albums would best suit your needs you can preview many of them via ThugRadio.Net's Christmas Mixtape Collection. If you just want to have a nice relaxing evening at home, or if you ladies wanna curl up by the fire with your aforementioned new toy and let my sexy voices gently caress your eardrums, you can download my reading of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Here's a preview, just in case you're not sure:

Random Shit: My neighbor wears those horrible homo pants a.k.a. skinny jeans. I'm a pacifist, but it kind of makes me wanna go smack the shit out of him for his unrelenting assault on my optical senses. My Sir Charlie Schmeckle is thicker than his legs. It's creepy looking, like maybe he's all skeleton below the waist. I obviously assume the woman who I see with him is a friend or a relative. But then I paused and thought about a very important tool to teach us about those who are different from ourselves that exists in our society, the stereotype. Homosexuals stereotypically have very good fashion sense. No one with any fashion sense or even a mirror would wear skinny jeans. So my conclusion is skinny jeans aren't gay, but they are retarded, offensive and should only be worn in the presence of blind people. I nominate skinny jeans to be the next Occupy target. I don't think they should actually be occupied, but instead thrown on the ground, urinated upon and set on fire. Do it for decency. Do if for Democracy. Do it for freedom. Do it for homosexuals, because they're really the ones getting a bad rep out of this.

~Olds: Thesbian Slurpers~

Smurf: It's been a while since I released any of my extravagant soliloquies of Comedy. This particular single has gone through three major stages separated by a lot of time. The writing and recording, the production and the artwork. But now all three have finally come together to form some kind of a homeless war vet amputee Voltron of Comedy. While I don't claim any vocals on the track I did the hard work. I wrote, produced and mixed it. Yay for me! Be careful where you listen to it as it is quite possible your ears could orgasm and earjaculate will just spew all over your surroundings. Good luck explaining that. I'm tired of trying to come up with random nonsense to type, so just download it it's free.


Raul Loves All Of The Womens: & all of the womens love him. Or so Raul declares in his new single Bitch Better Have My Slurpee. This has been sitting for awhile waiting for me to finish mixing it and adding the final touches. It's slated for an as of yet untitled Comedy compilation &/or Raul's own The Slurpee Chronicles, but I used it in the backing of the intro & outro of The Definitive Raul Interview Part 2: The Legend Of The 7-Eleven, so I felt it would be a good idea to have it available so those who may like it can acquire it easily. Now that you have it share it with everyone. The single features Phil M. Cockenbolz & sometimes Old Joe & it's free so slurp it down, bitches.


Artsy Etsy: Our good friend ThugRadioSmurf is at it again. She's started a website, through Etsy, to sell her art worldwide. This new website is in addition to Fine Art America, ImageKind.Com & ArtistWebsites.Com, where she sells her photography. Her brand new Etsy website already has a perfect 100% positive review feedback rating. You know you need some art around the house, so you can at least look cultured. Get it now before everybody wants some and the prices skyrocket and approach the ridiculous.

Nothing new this week.

Nothing new this week.

~Thug Radio Merchandise From Café Press~
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~Thug Radio Merchandise From Spread Shirt~
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~Audio Downloads~
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~Artist Pages~
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~Updated Artist Pages~
Busta Rhymes
Ray Charles
Faith Evans
Will Ferrell
Flipmode Squad
The Isley Brothers
Quincy Jones
Patti LaBelle
Mobb Deep
Penthouse Players Clique
Pomona City Rydaz
Ras Kass
Ruff Ryders
Trey Songz
Suga Free

Mobb Deep - Black Cocaine
Ruff Ryders - Past, Present, Future
Suga Free - Why U Still Bullshittin'?: The Best Of Suga Free

Trey Songz - Inevitable

Nothing new this funkin' week. You'll have to funk your-funkin'-self.

Nothing new this week.

Nothing new this week.

Nothing new this week.

Nothing new this week.

Nothing new this week.

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Nothing new this week.

~Christmas/Hanukkah (Chanukah) (Mostly Christmas)~
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