Pat McGroyn - Smurf (Single)

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Pat McGroyn - Smurf (Single)

Postby Dyluminati » Wed Sep 28, 2011 12:45 pm

1. Smurf (ft Phil M. Cockenbolz, Old Joe & Raul)
2. Smurf (Radio Version) (ft Phil M. Cockenbolz, Old Joe & Raul)
3. Smurf Better Have My Slurpee - Sexy Raul ft Phil M. Cockenbolz
4. Smurf-A-Pella (ft Phil M. Cockenbolz, Old Joe & Raul)
5. Smurfstrumental
6. Smurf-A-Pella (Radio Lyrics) (ft Phil M. Cockenbolz, Old Joe & Raul)

Released: September 27, 2011

Album Of Origin: N/A

"Smurf Better Have My Slurpee" Is From: Sexy Raul - Bitch Better Have My Slurpee (Single)

No Purchase Necessary: Free Download

Comments: This has been sitting around for a long-ass time. I was holding it back for the release of the Smurf movie with N.P.H., but that came and went and I still didn't have a cover. At the time my cover maker, ThugRadioSmurf, was busy preparing her paintings for her first craft fair. Given that she was hoping to make money off that and this is just a free single I encouraged her to paint instead.

I wrote, produced & mixed this song. It was inspired by a sex dream I had about Smurfette one night. No, that's not right. That was after I wrote the song. It was inspired by a faux pas. While recording my audio version of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol I made a blunder, which, in my frustration, caused me to blurt out, semi-melodically, "La, La, La, La, La, everybody is a Smurf." Depending on the starting point frustration can either cause my mind to shift to a state of anger or extreme silliness. This particular incident inspired the latter, which inspired a song about ladders. No, it's a song about being smurfy. I'll teach you to be smurfy. I'll teach your grandmother to suck Smurfs. The Smurf God knows Smurfette's fuckin' exhausted.

It wasn't long after that Phil's cousin Pat came through and recorded the vocals, then Old Joe, Raul & Phil all recorded their parts. They were all done before I even made the beat, which is as backwards as Kimbo Slice being analy raped by a female, but that's how into the song they were. They just refused to wait. Then I made the beat out of macaroni and celery. I think there were some carrot sticks and an empty milk bottle, too. It turned out I couldn't use that particular beat, because I played it for someone who immediately said, "I will give you $20 for that never be played again." I'm broke. I'll take money however I can get it without degrading myself or performing oral sex on the homeless. The second time I came up with a beat that made everybody happy, except Gargamel, but I can't please everybody.

Eventually we came up with a song designed to make you laugh and think at the same time. Ha ha ha...oh...hmm...ha ha! That's your part in this smurfy adventure. Practice it with me, "Ha ha ha...oh...hmm...ha ha! Ha ha ha...oh...hmm...ha ha!" Excellent! And, wow!, look at that cover. It's so...disturbing. - D

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Smurfy Delicious

Postby WamBrenius » Thu Oct 06, 2011 1:13 pm

Wow! This is awesome.
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