Big Scoob - Damn Fool
Big Scoob - Damn Fool

1. Laugh M.F.s (Intro) (ft Makzilla)
2. Dickey Mouf
3. All I Kno' Is Hood (ft Krizz Kaliko)
4. Wuss Up Buhh? (Skit)
5. AKKA Damn Fool
6. The Recipe (Skit)
7. Lemonade Delight (ft Krizz Kaliko & Crystal Watson)
8. Lil' Kuzz (Skit) (ft Makzilla)
9. Drunk & Stupid (ft Tech N9ne & Chillest Illest)
10. Frank & Berry (Skit) (ft Makzilla)
11. White Bitch (ft Krizz Kaliko & Irv Da Phenom)
12. Twistin' Yay (ft Krizz Kaliko, Skatterman & Rappin' Twan)
13. I Move With The Night (ft Tech N9ne & T-Nutty)
14. Dead-A-Man (ft Krizz Kaliko)
15. DAMU (ft Skatterman, Bumpy Knuckles, Jay Rock & Messy Marv)
16. FUCK Strange (Skit) (ft Irv Da Phenom)
17. They DNT Want It (ft Glasses Malone & Boogieman)
18. 5-6 (ft Txx Will)
19. 2 Fat Fucks (ft Krizz Kaliko)
20. Punk Bitch (Skit) (ft Makzilla, Brittany Williams & Diana Taylor)
21. If U Kall (ft Krizz Kaliko, Irv Da Phenom & Big Rich)
22. Spotlight (ft Tech N9ne & Krizz Kaliko)
23. Take Me Away (ft Irv Da Phenom)
24. Amazing (ft Irv Da Phenom)
25. Always Gone (Skit)
26. Doin' My Thang (ft Krizz Kaliko, Irv Da Phenom & Txx Will)

Released: May 3, 2011

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